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In 2014, Luxeria was created with a singular vision: To bring premium liquor brands and exciting liquor-based experiences to West Africa. Our customers are inspirational. They are aspirational. With this understanding, we curate our products from across the globe.

Lift your spirits. Charge your glasses. Toast the good things in life. That is the Luxeria-way. It is a way of life where moments and memories are made over a glass of your favorite drink. Being a part of this world means you have an appreciation for quality, style,uniqueness.

In addition to selling a wide range of iconic global liquor brands, we create experiences that provide our customers with unique opportunities to explore them. This includes education on the production and unique aspects of the categories and products, as well as knowledge of glassware, storage and serving rituals.

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What it says about you: Elegant, enthusiastic, classy
Iconic drink: Mimosa

Legend has it that when Dom Perignon, a Benedictine monk, discovered champagne, he proclaimed excitedly: “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” Whether this is true or not, champagne lovers will agree that each bottle is filled with stars. It accompanies our customers at all their happiest events where they toast to health, happiness, and success. But it does not only belong in the most exclusive parties, it is just as often enjoyed at breakfasts and lunches where its levity turns anything into a celebration.

Sparkling Wine

What it says about you: Celebratory, fun, excitement
Iconic drink: Enjoyed as it comes

Bubbles bring life to any party. These sparkles – light and lively – are the embodiment of unadulterated joy and unstoppable cheer. Made popular by famous celebrities, sparkling wine is  with what is often a rich, vibrant pink colour and full fruity bouquet, make for easy drinking. They bring all the life, glamour and joy of Champagne without the price tag. Yet, they’re just as fun.


What it says about you: You like nice things, attentive, thoughtful
Iconic drink: Enjoyed as it comes

 Wine does not discriminate. It does not judge. It is available to anyone, anywhere. Whether it is in a box or in a well-aged bottle, it is enjoyed equally. Galileo described it as, “Sunlight held together by water.” It can be sophisticated or it can be simple. It can be subtle or it can be loud. It can excite or incite.

For those who have a finer knowledge of wine, premium brands provide an opportunity to explore the world – one wine at a time. With a swirl and a sip, our discerning customers carefully select wines to be drunk, to be given as gifts and to be held as a kind of investment. But a connoisseur’s knowledge is not necessary: Good wine is great wine when it is well loved.


What it says about you: Ambitious, classy, refined
Iconic drink: Cognac in a tulip-shaped glass

Cognac is not just a kind of brandy; it is the drink of kings. It brings a sense of luxury to any drinks evening, party or dinner. It makes kings out of anyone who drinks it. Its status as a sought-after luxurious brand is due to the fact that it is only produced under strict regulations in the Cognac region of France. That strict control and resulting exclusivity is worth it because, as any Cognac fan will attest to, drinking a glass of real French Cognac is like drinking warm sunlight.


What it says about you: Stylish, interesting, mysterious
Iconic drink: Cosmopolitan

Vodka is known as the ‘water of life.’ In this way, it is the serious counterpart, the hardworking twin to fun-loving tequila. Where tequila is loud, vodka is subtle and understated. Considering that it comes from the cold lands of Eastern Europe, it is no surprise that vodka is best enjoyed after freezing.

Our customers like a bit of mystery and vodka is the spirit that can provide it. They also enjoy a dash of unpredictability.Vodka may be subtle, but it comes with a little kick (especially when drinking it on the rocks) and, with the introduction of flavoured vodkas, there are many more possibilities for enjoying the finer aspects of vodka.


What it says about you: Serious, ambitious
Iconic drink: On the rocks

Living the Luxeria life is about bright lights and glamour. About elegance and sophistication. But it is also about acknowledging tradition and enjoying the rituals that come with it.Whisky’s status as a refined, luxurious spirit is as a result of how it is created. It takes masterful blending, perfect ageing and patient distillation.

Luxeria provides blended whisky which is created by combining whiskies from various distilleries. The best of these does not require a mixer, an accompaniment or even ice. All it needs is a glass and a willing connoisseur.

We also provide single malt whisky is made from blending whiskies in a single distillery. These are enjoyed by people at the most luxurious, exclusive bars where the wealthy and famous are as enthusiastic about their whisky as the people who drink it as a way to unwind after a long day of work.

Luxeria provides our customers with the finest whiskies for themselves or to give as impressive gifts.


What it says about you: Flamboyant, adventurous, unique
Iconic drink: Mojito

This was the drink of pirates. It accompanied them on the seas as they explored new lands. It was how they celebrated when they returned to shore. While the rum we consume today is more refined than the brew they created, it retains its exotic charm.

For rum drinkers, a drink with rum as its base is essentially a beach in a glass because, when drinking, it transports them to the Caribbean; to the islands where each has its own flavor, style and flair. Every sip is a journey to a tropical experience.

Drinking rum is always an adventure. There’s light or dark; spicy or smooth. It’s a versatile spirit – it is the base for many popular cocktails, including the flirtatious Piña Colada, but it can also be enjoyed mixed with soda or tonic or neat on the rocks.


What it says about you: Classic, refined, simple. But has a surprising side.
Iconic drink: Martini

This is the drink chosen by James Bond – the embodiment of refined elegance. Whether it is shaken or stirred, where there is a bottle of gin, there is style.

As one of the mostly popular and widely distributed spirits, gin – made from the unique juniper berry – carries as much history as it does flavour. The gin and tonic – a simple combination of just two ingredients – is the chosen drink for customers seeking something refined and classic with a hint of adventure. For several years, Gin was seen as an outdated liquor and lost its popularity, but it has returned to the Luxeria market, bringing old fans along with it while converting new followers to its classic charms.


What it says about you: Fun, impulsive, friendly
Iconic drink: Margarita

Tequila is that unpredictable element at every gathering where it is served. When tequila is in town, anything can happen. Distilled from blue agave and produced only in the Jalisco region of Mexico, to taste tequila is to taste the heart and soul of Mexico and Mexican colour and fire. Our customers throw and attend exclusive events and parties where the guest list is tightly controlled. But no matter what that event is, tequila is always at the top of the VIP list.


What it says about you: Spontaneous, daring, impulsive
Iconic drink: Take your pick

Used traditionally for medicinal purposes, liqueurs  became enjoyable spirits after Catherine De Medici introduced the culture of liqueur-drinking to the French Court where the wealthiest nobles began to enjoy the wide variety of experiences each liqueur provided.

At any party, be it the 1600s French Court or the Oscar awards afterparty, there are different kinds of people with diverse life experiences, personalities and aspirations. And there is a liqueur to match every one of them. They can be exciting and fruity; smooth and silky; spicy and strong. There is a liqueur for every cocktail, a flavour for any drink and there are new ones created every day.

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